Actual Emergency

During some acute problem should we take allopathic treatment for quick relief while your homoeopathic treatment is on ?

Often during your treatment, you may come down with some acute problem like throat infection, diarrhoea, vomiting, etc. At this time we advice that you should preferably take homoeopathic treatment to handle this acute crisis. The first reason is that our body at the time of such acute crisis throws up certain peculiar symptoms which may not be felt so intensely otherwise. It is very likely that the remedy will cover these peculiar symptoms and thereby help you out of that acute crisis which will also relieve your other long standing ailments. This medicine is fast acting. We have also seen that when an acute infection is handled with homoeopathy the frequency of occurrence of such acute attacks reduces

What do I do in case of emergencies ?

In case of emergency, call up the doctor and it is here that the use of Medical Kit comes in especially when the problem arises at odd hours and you are staying far away. If you phone at 11’o clock in the night and tell the problem that the child is vomiting, what can we do. We can advice you to take that particular medicine from the kit. We strictly advice you not to take the medicine without our advice.

What is to be done if, while undergoing homoeopathic treatment, contract diseases like influenza, conjunctivitis etc.?

Acute diseases like influenza, conjunctivitis, etc., can be treated and gently cured by homoeopathic medicines in the most rapid manner. Any intervention of other medicines during such illness would not only interfere with the treatment but also aggravate side effects and so it is advisable to consult your Homoeopathic Doctor.

What is to be done in case of emergencies ?

In case of emergencies, call up the doctor. There are wonderful homoeopathic medicines which can help bring the patient bring out of the acute suffering in the most rapid and gentle manner.