Follow Up

How frequently, do we need to see the doctor during the course of treatment ?

For chronic complaints one should report to the doctor only after a month but in any acute conditions/emergency, one should get in touch with the doctor immediately.

Dr., what do we need to tell you in a follow-up ?

First and foremost, you need to tell us how you feel in your chief complaint and associated complaint. Here it is very important that while reporting a chief complaint, it is better you also mention the new problems or if you have suffered from the same problem in the past because they indicate that we need to change your medicine/potency. Do mention about your temperament, desires, sleep, dreams and appetite. In mental sphere, we need to know if anything had happened to upset you at home or at your work place, like any quarrel, or some bad news etc. All these symptoms when told in detail, help us to treat you better.

What do we do if the complaints recur after stopping homoeopathic treatment and can it be cured ?

During the course of homoeopathic treatment or after it has been stopped if something happens in your day today life at mental or physical level to upset the balance created in your system by the homoeopathic medicine the original complaint can be felt again. But it is true that with homoeopathic treatment, the capacity of the person to handle such upset improved and relapses may not occur.

I got my test results and my readings are way off, should I return to my conventional medicines without talking to anyone at the Clinic?

No. In our experience, we find, the readings elevated when the conventional medicines are withdrawn. This is not a result of the homeopathic medicines but a consequence of withdrawing the conventional medicines. Homeopathy does not directly substitute the conventional medicines but works towards ‘repairing’ the part of your body that is affecting so that, in time, it may start working normally and bring your readings back to normal. This takes time. There is no reason to panic.

Doctor, its getting worse!

Homeopathy has been shouldering the responsibility of treating extremely chronic conditions, particularly related to the skin. As patients stay on the treatment, they may see apparent exacerbations of the symptoms. This is not a result of the medicines. The phasic nature of your illness may continue to manifest, even as you improve, before they completely disappear for good. There is no reason to panic.

Do I have to stop all other medicines when I am on homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicines work best when no other pharmaceutical agents are working on the body. However, due to conventional medical practices, where patients have been on medicines for a long periods of time, this may not always be possible. The doctors at the Clinic will advise you about which medicines you can stop immediately, which ones you need to start tapering (and how to taper them) and those that you will need to keep taking. Ask the doctor at the Clinic about your current conventional medication.

I live really far away. Can you send me the medicines?

Yes, we can. The Clinic has patients in many countries. It ships medicines to cities within India and outside. There are some countries that do not allow the shipping of medicines from outside. Contact the Clinic to know if we can ship medicines to you.

How do I pay for my treatment and electronic consultation?

Payments are usually made using Electronic fund transfer . Cash payments may also be arranged at the Clinic by a representative of the patient.

How much time does it take for me to receive medicines ?

If you live in India, you should receive the medicines within 3 working days of dispatch. If you live outside India, the medicines should be received within 10 working days. There are occasional delays when the consignment is inspected at the port of entry of your country

How can I track my consignment of medicines?

If you are unsure of where your consignment is held up or would just like to know how far it has reached, contact the Clinic and we will give you the consignment number and shipping service.