Caitanya [ Healing by Homoeopathy ]
has been founded in the year 2011 under the vision of Dr. Shailesh Yadav with a mission to achieve total wellness of people visiting us. Formerly it was known as ‘Chaitanya Homoeocare’. We aim to provide a consistent approach from teachings of various traditional masters of Homoeopathy to address the root cause of medical condition.  READ MORE





For chronic complaints one should report to the doctor only after a month but in any acute conditions/emergency, one should get in touch with the doctor immediately.

Yes, we can. The Clinic has patients in many countries. It ships medicines to cities within India and outside. There are some countries that do not allow the shipping of medicines from outside. Contact the Clinic to know if we can ship medicines to you.

Payments are usually made using Electronic fund transfer. Cash payments may also be arranged at the Clinic by a representative of the patient.

If you live in India, you should receive the medicines within 3 working days of dispatch. If you live outside India, the medicines should be received within 10 working days. There are occasional delays when the consignment is inspected at the port of entry of your country

Homoeopathic remedies have no expiry date. It can be preserved for years, if well kept away from moisture and strong smelling substances.