Recurrent red hives (urticaria)

Do you have a recurrent history of red swollen/raised-like eruption with itching and burning pain that appears suddenly lasting from a few hours to days/months? 

Fever In Children ..Things To Do

Fever in children is Something every parent Observes in their Child, Some child may Experience recurrent History of Fever, Some Child may have Seasonal fever.

Don’t Hold Back Your Sleep Disorder

In today’s world of fast pace, looking after a family, job, relationship,  distraction of social media and other responsibility, what I have observed we easily

Healthy Hair Care Tips

HEALTHY HAIR CARE TIPS There has been an increasing number of cases who seek treatment for hair fall, hair thinning, itching in the scalp, grey

Itchy Dry Skin

Itchy Dry Skin Psoriasis or Eczema? How to Differentiate? Do you have itchy skin with red eruption dry hard skin, that won’t go away? If

Asthma and Allergy

Asthma and Allergy It’s Cause and Prevention In practise we see common allergic and asthma cases in clinic more frequently, parents of childrenand adult patient

Abdomen Pain

How ABDOMEN PAIN IN CHILDREN Could Make Anyone a Better Parent Stomach pain and children both seem to go together.  “MY TUMMYHURTS”, “MY STOMACH IS

Dr. Shailesh Yadav, M.D

Dr. Shailesh Yadav is a dedicated classical homeopath who believes in treating most of the acute ailments through Homeopathy. He possesses a vast experience of

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