Dr. Shailesh Yadav, M.D

Dr. Shailesh Yadav is a dedicated classical homeopath who believes in treating most of the acute ailments through Homeopathy. He possesses a vast experience of treating many patients and help them come out of their acute ailments successfully. He is known for his great insight right from early medical education. Having completed his graduation as a Homeopathy doctor in 2006, he went on to pursue MD in Homeopathy in 2007. He has provided his services both in rural villages as well as urban cities. This has helped him with wider exposure to symptoms and analysis of various diseases. His articles on Modern Repertory have also been published. Having worked with and assisting renowned Homoeopaths and under their astute guidance along with his unique way of analyzing patients and their ailments, Dr. Shailesh Yadav has been able to garner a formidable list of faithful clientele. He has gained a reputation as an outstanding prescriber. Always eager to welcome patients to a practice where real caring and compassion combine with education and experience to provide the best in homeopathic care. Dr. Shailesh Yadav has a wealthy and varied clinical experience in treating cases like Asthma, Auto-immune diseases, Cerebral palsy, Defective immunity, Epileptic seizures, Mentally challenged, Pneumonia, etc. He also shares a great experience and trust in handling cases so-called as hopeless cases like Renal failures, Cancers, Psoriasis, Cirrhosis, Alcoholic liver diseases, Calculi, Menstrual disturbances, Infertility, etc.

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